One Step Away

In the Spring of 2010, a group of interested members and friends of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church sat together with one question in mind: How can we help end homelessness in Maricopa County? Thus began several months of research, discussion, and shared visioning. From that, the Pinnacle Promise Homelessness Initiative was born. A generous donation provided a financial floor to the effort and creative partnerships emerged with selected projects and organizations, including the neighbor to neighbor work of Open Table, the permanent supportive housing project of United Way, the family shelter ministries of UMOM, work among veterans through Lodestar and Madison Street Veterans Project.

Still, support of these good efforts didn’t seem enough. And from that dreaming came One Step Away. They produced a one-hour documentary on homeless and hope in Maricopa County. A Rough Road Home is that documentary. One Step Away is the wider effort this film makes possible, extending beyond those first efforts.

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This project was completed in conjunction with our friends at Parker Madison.

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